Halah Alshathry Seeking And Creating Opportunities Where I Can Serve People, Organizations And Communities By Employing My Skills, Knowledge And Experience To Improve Wellbeing And Productivity For Individuals, And Reach Higher Engagement Levels And Profitability For Organizations.

  1. The first sentence in your bio will begins with:
    I’m an Alfaisal University graduate, MBA program with honors. I have a BS in Management, and two minors in Marketing, and International Business, from the University of New Haven, Connecticut, USA, with honor. I was also honored to be on the Dean’s List.
    A feature writer in ARAB NEWS, business section. A freelance writer on Organisational Development and Management; where I publish on my linked page and about to publish my first book. A certified trainer by GATD.
    My career started in Saudi Hollandi Bank–AlAwal Bank, as an Investment Officer. Later I was certified as a Wealth Manager in priority banking, and appointed as the first female Relationship Manager to establish the ladies’ priority service center. In 2009, I joined Alinma Bank as an establishing team partner, and assigned as a Branch Manager, where I was later Deputy Central Area Manager. In 2015, I was a part-time lecturer at King Saud University, Business College for Freshmen and senior students. Currently, I work as Ladies’ Department Manager and a Brand Manager assigned to re-establish Interior Design Hub at Jazira Group.
  2. Why did you choose Alfaisal University?
    I chose Alfaisal University for two reasons. First, the curriculum provides students with a breadth of knowledge in a variety of subject areas that are quite integrated to career advancement, and business management. Second, the faculty’s qualification standards is a competitive advantage to other graduate schools in Riyadh.
  3. Share your experience in Alfaisal with us
    Since I was working and studying at the same time, I had the opportunity to utilise my work experience in class discussions, and on research papers. I implemented what I was learning to where it can add value to the organization, and submit the findings in a report to upper management to enhance the processes.
  4. Were you involved in any student activities or clubs? If so, how would you describe this experience?
    Unfortunately, there were not any clubs yet during the time I attended Alfaisal MBA program. However, I was nominated for MBA Female President, but I did not take it due to my workload along with my studies.
  5. Planning your career after graduation at Alfaisal starts from an early stage while being a student, what steps did you take in that regard?
    I started my career successfully long before joining Alfaisal MBA program. However, I benefited from the program to further advance in my existing career. Such as develop new business skills to elevate my competencies. While the program was critical for my career, it was also intended to open the door for new paths, opportunities, and general skills that are useful in almost any job function or industry. The first step I took in that regard was to implement any new business theory we learn, and evaluate its effectiveness in the working environment. Second, I did solid amounts of external readings, besides the text books. Third, I never hesitated to participate in class discussions with professors, or ask questions.
  6. What are your words of wisdom to Alfaisal freshmen?
    I would like to remind them of what our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “Allah loves that when one of you accomplishes a work that he accomplishes it with excellence.” There a couple of my personal beliefs I also would like to share:
    • Be a lifelong student through continuous learning.
    • All hard work will be awarded with a job well done.
  7. Your accomplishments are an inspiration for upcoming Alfaisal graduates. Share these achievements with us.
    Initiated to establish a new section for ladies preferred banking, and successfully executed the project and with six months in AlAwal Bank. Established a new branch in AlInma Bank within one year, through strategic planning and teamwork. The first deputy Area manager for ladies banking in AlInma Bank. Trained new employees of ever resulting in increased customer satisfaction Following my passion in writing, has lead to start publishing my first book.