Alomair Seeking And Creating Opportunities Where I Can Serve People, Organizations And Communities By Employing My Skills, Knowledge And Experience To Improve Wellbeing And Productivity For Individuals, And Reach Higher Engagement Levels And Profitability For Organizations.

  1. The first sentence in your bio will begins with:
    I'm an Alfaisal University graduate I aspire to create value for my country, community, and university.
  2. Why did you choose Alfaisal University?
    I chose Alfaisal because of its faculty, reputation, and student selection criteria.
  3. Share your experience in Alfaisal with us
    I spent 2 challenging years in Alfaisal. I was a full time employee from 8-5 and a full time student from 6 - 9. I met wonderful people who I am still friends with, and developed a wide network of contacts ranging from academic professionals to business professionals. I completed my degree with no delay and achieved a GPA of 3.1/4
  4. Were you involved in any student activities or clubs? If so, how would you describe this experience?
  5. Planning your career after graduation at Alfaisal starts from an early stage while being a student, what steps did you take in that regard?
    When I joined Alfaisal, I have already started my career. Being a student in Alfaisal helped me get exposed to new sciences that strengthened my knowledge base and helped me discover my interests. Alfaisal gave me the tools to start planning for my future development and what would I want to spend the rest of my life doing.
  6. What are your words of wisdom to Alfaisal freshmen?
    Never let anyone convince you that you can’t do something. If you want to do something go do it, because you actually can.
  7. Your accomplishments are an inspiration for upcoming Alfaisal graduates. Share these achievements with us.
    • -BSC in Mechanical Engineering
    •  -MBA in Business and Management -Six Sigma Black Belt Certified -KPI Associate certified
      1. -PMP certified
      1. -An Alumni of the Young Leaders Program owned by the United States Department of State
      1. -A team member of the first ever Saudi Arabian Baja SAE series who designed and manufactured the vehicle
      1. -The youngest Saudi to graduate from Johnson Controls International Young Leaders Program (YLP)
      1. -The youngest appointed National Projects Sales Manager in Johnson Controls after graduating the YLP
      1. -An inventor of the first project in the history of NEOM and was awarded a patent for it
      1. -The youngest project manager working under the Vision 2030 Realization Office.