Munther Seeking And Creating Opportunities Where I Can Serve People, Organizations And Communities By Employing My Skills, Knowledge And Experience To Improve Wellbeing And Productivity For Individuals, And Reach Higher Engagement Levels And Profitability For Organizations.

  1. Why did you choose Alfaisal University?
    Beside having the opportunity to stay with my family in Riyadh, I was thrilled by the fact that I will be part of creating the future of such a promising educational edifice.
  2. Share your experience in Alfaisal with us
    My experience was great, especially with the real attention and care we received from the board of trustees and various administrators and professors in most departments.
  3. Were you involved in any student activities or clubs? If so, how would you describe this experience?
    I participated in ESA (Engineering Student Association) and was not that active, but I hope that I was (more active). However, I wrote an article in the first issue of ESA magazine “DESANA”, which had a real impact, and I feel proud of it.
  4. Planning your career after graduation at Alfaisal starts from an early stage while being a student, what steps did you take in that regard?
    I insisted to do my Internship at IKEA during my study at Alfaisal. From my point of view, IKEA represents the ultimate model in employing Industrial Engineering to continuously improve lives for the many people.
  5. What are your words of wisdom to Alfaisal freshmen?
    Opportunities and blessings are always there and appears in many forms. I am sure that you are living one of these opportunities or blessings right now! Even if these opportunities are below your expectations, thank God for having them by doing your best, focusing on what you are and in what is in your hands; in that way you will reach success and you will be able to meet expectation of future opportunities.
    Always be grateful and work to offer what is good for people.
  6. Your accomplishments are an inspiration for upcoming Alfaisal graduates. Share these achievements with us.
    I hope that my accomplishments will reach a level where they will inspire others, and the impact of Tawazn –a company I founded recently which seeks to empower people- will have an applied real-life answer to this question.