Haya Alanbar Is An MBA Practitioner With 10 Years’ Experience In Public And Private Sector And Across Multi-Disciplines In General Management

  1. Why did you choose Alfaisal University?
    The best MBA program in Saudi Arabia is known to be in Alfaisal University
  2. Share your experience in Alfaisal with us
    started MBA in 2014, with an aim to acquire the best knowledge in Business Management and I did so I got the best knowledge with a very excellent connections of a high profile Colleagues
  3. Were you involved in any student activities or clubs? If so, how would you describe this experience?
    I visited the US Embassy on Women’s International Day and represented Alfaisal University
  4. Planning your career after graduation at Alfaisal starts from an early stage while being a student, what steps did you take in that regard?
    I started MBA as a professional practitioner and I enriched my profile with the MBA certificate
  5. What are your words of wisdom to Alfaisal freshmen?
    Seize all the opportunities to live the full experience even if you are overwhelmed with studying all the opportunities provided are hard to miss
  6. Your accomplishments are an inspiration for upcoming Alfaisal graduates. Share these achievements with us.
    I was chosen as a delegate of Saudi Arabia to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Japan for 2019 I’m a women’s advocate I published a book about working mothers I own a business