The “Women in Tech” program | Zain KSA

This program is designed to empower and support women in pursuing successful careers in the tech industry.

The program focuses on STEM areas:
• Sciences
• Technology
• Engineering
• Mathematics

• Empowering new graduates in STEM disciplines
• Guiding trainees to solve problems and overcome them.
• Promoting women’s participation in the technology sector
• Equipping trainees with the necessary skills for the job market

Duration: 3 months

• Being a Saudi nationality
• Being a university student or a holder of a bachelor's degree in STEM disciplines
• Passing the personal interview
• Fluent in English

• Do you receive a certificate after completing the program? Yes, once the trainee completes the program, she will receive a certificate.

• Is there any reward during the training period? There are no financial rewards during the training period.

• Is there a job opportunity after the end of the program? The program is a mentoring program with no promise of employment upon completion.

• Is the program remote or face-to-face? The program is delivered remotely.

It will be 1-2 hours a week with the mentor.

please click on the link below to learn more and register:

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Women in Tech | Zain KSA