Congratulations to our alumna Aseel Alhamad for making it in as one of the fantastic 23 saudi women

23 Fantastic Saudi Women to Mark Saudi National Day

Ever since Vision 2030 was initiated by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman - and even way before - Saudi women have been killing it in multiple turfs, leaving no industry untouched. Whether living in the kingdom or abroad, the following women have proven that they have the dexterity, the aptitude, and most importantly the heart to conquer various professions. ​In celebration of Saudi Arabia’s National Day, let’s applaud the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, cousins, and aunts; the resilient Saudi females who are one of the key factors of making the country what it is today. Meet 23 marvelous Saudi Arabian women absolutely killing it in 23 trades varying from music, sports, design, entrepreneurship, and more